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By Invitation Only


If you think your Job, Social Security, 401K, Pension or Medicare will take care of

Now is a great time to create Multiple Streams of Residual Income

You are here because someone cared enough about YOU, to tell you about what we have going on. This is an autopilot project that can easily create an extra $500 to $10,000+ per month. For many, this is happening withing 90 days. Recently, we, like you, were invited to join this business based on a "Pay-It-Forward" model... Now we are inviting you to benefit, as we have, by this "Pay-It-Forward" mind-blowing concept.

In this model, it is the Company that pays for YOUR sign-up fee and YOUR first month's order. You "Pay-It-Forward" to others by telling them about what we have. Yes, you "Pay-It-Forward" by sending others to this site, just as you were invited by your relation. No money is ever to be exchanged for this service! And when you invite others, THE COMPANY will pay for their sign-up fee and THEIR first month's order. Is this AMAZING or WHAT!!!


This is the deal...

  • Not a PENNY comes out of your pocket to give this a try
  • YOU get the WHOLE MONTH to experience our flagship product PhytoZon. No refund needed if you are not satisfied with the results because YOU didn't spend anything
  • Even people who "cannot" sign-up others are creating HUGE BUSINESSES
  • The Forced 2X Matrix is creating an AMAZING amount of SPILL... spill you get paid on!


90 Day Challenge

Pay-It-Forward tell others about this program. Help them benefit from both the PhytoZon, an amazing amazon, plant-based product and by establishing an ongoing residual income. It was said that back in 2005, if the average house-hold had just an additional $500 per month income that 3/4 of the forclosures would not have happened and America would not have gone through the recession we did! Let's make sure such a recession NEVER happens again by helping create an extra $500 to $10,000+ per month income. Let's get there in the next 90 days!


28 Day Challenge

Too chicken to hold out for the full 90 Day Challenge... then do this... When you sign up for this program, you are placed on autoship with the first order coming due 30 days later. Take this challenge... sign up TODAY... Give the PhytoZon a fair chance to work some wonders on your body and health, AND of course, don't be selfish... tell others about this program and if on DAY 28 you ARE NOT happy with the results or the progress of how your little business is growing, then call up and cancel before your first 30 day autoship is placed. Doing this will give you a chance of not passing up this opportunity without taking ONE PENNY out of your pocket. Of course, we are hoping you find this the most simple, profitable, AMAZING program and Health Supplement you have ever experienced. The Company believes you will and is therefore paying the initital costs of your involvement!



  1. Visit the American Dream Nutrition (ADN) "Pay-It-Forward site Watch the 3 short videos there.
  2. Get the SponsorID and PlacementID from the person who referred you to this site.
  3. Call ADN Customer Care at 785-534-1470 and tell them that you watched the 8 minute video and that you are interested in building the business. They will then ask for the SponsorID and PlacementID mentioned in Step 2 above.
  4. Pay-It-Forward by telling others about this website and program and having all those people coded to you so you receive ongoing, residual INCOME while feeling good doing something SIGNIFICANT for OTHERS!

>>> NOTICE: Visit RIGHT NOW! <<<

INSIDER TRADING We all know that Insider Trading is ILLEGAL! Here is some information you need to know. In the next week or so, there is an organization of about 1,200 people that are joining the ADN opportunity and then a week or so after them, there is another group of about 5,000 people joining. By your taking action right now, you may be in a position to take advantage of many of these people coming on board... YES, many of them may fall into YOUR MATRIX and YOU will receive the monthly matrix bonus coming from them being in YOUR DOWNLINE. Don't wait one more second... call 785-534-1470 and really be AMAZED! As you join us, feel free to share this website with those you want to "Pay-It-Forward" to. Make TODAY a SIGNIFICANT DAY for you, your loved ones and yes, the WORLD!
We look forward to getting to know you better and building this and other businesses together!
Your Pay It Forward Partners